Re: [389-users] Quick Classic CoS question

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no, add cosattributes like in the sample:

dn: cn=standardUserMail,dc=example,dc=com
cn: standardUserMail
cosattribute: mailMsgMaxBlocks override
cosattribute: mailquota
cosattribute: mailMsgQuota
cosattribute: mailAllowedServiceAccess merge-schemes
cosspecifier: inetCos
costemplatedn: o=mailuser,o=cosTemplates,dc=example,dc=com
daservicetype: mail user
objectclass: top
objectclass: cosClassicDefinition
objectclass: extensibleObject
objectclass: cosSuperDefinition
objectclass: LDAPsubentry

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Betreff: [389-users] Quick Classic CoS question
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> I have a classic Class of Service that I want to modify. 
> Currently it 
> applies one attribute on each assigned entry. I have three other 
> attributes that I'd like to have the same CoS apply. I'm not 
> sure how to 
> identify more than one cosattribute. Do I simply add multiple 
> cossattribute attributes to the CoS definition or is there a 
> format for 
> listing multiple attribute values in the cosattribute attributes 
> in the 
> CoS definition?
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