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Yes, directory servers winsync maps AD's samAccountName to uid on LDAP-DS, and Unix use the uid attribute for login name. It is not necessary to use kerberos authentication of AD, if you sync passwords between AD and DS with winsync.

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Betreff: [389-users] Mapping AD names to unix names
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> I want to, amongst other things,  qury our Active Directory 
> server for passwords.  So use 389 as a directory server 
> (using NIS scheme and netgroups) with AD passwords.
> Problem is... our AD uses usernames of First Last and a kerberos 
> principle of first.last.  Where as the unix (linux, AIX, 
> HPUX, Solaris) boxes use 8char usernames.
> The password sync stuff I've seen isn't very clear.  Does 
> the AD samAccountName have to be the same as the unix 
> username?  Or is there somewhere on 389 or on AD where I 
> can do a lookup?
> This
> US/Red_Hat_Directory_Server/8.2/html/Administration_Guide/Using_Windows_Sync-Synchronizing_Users.html seems to say there's a field ntUserDomainId that would do that job, is that used in the sync?
> Is there any documentation on setting this up?
> Zebee
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