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On 01/11/2011 12:53 PM, harry.devine@xxxxxxx wrote:
OK, so we are testing 389-ds in our environment (version  We have 1 machine set up with user accounts, and we just set another one up.  The new one doesn't have any accounts or anything on it yet.  We would like to get replication going between the 2 DS's, but can't find any current documention on how to do it.  When we set up the 2nd machine, we set it up as if it were its own DS (i.e. not tied into the existing one).  Not sure it that is relevant, but I thought I'd mention it for full disclosure.
Should not be a problem.

We'd like to have this be a 2-way multi-master replication, so if our main DS server ever went down, the 2nd one could pick up and service login requests.  Is there any current documention that explains this anywhere?
Is multi-master the correct method to use for this type of setup?


Harry Devine
Common ARTS Software Development
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