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----- Missatge original -----
> We are planning out how we are going to move from Active Directory to
> 389-ds. We can add users to our test environment successfully, and
> give the accounts the proper information (uid, shell, etc.). However,
> 1 area that we are getting stumped at is groups. In our Active
> Directory currently, we have several groups that we put our users into
> based on their function.
> Those groups have unique group IDs. However, when I make a group on
> 389-ds, I don't have any way of specifying a group ID. I can make a
> new user and give it a group ID by default, but that group ID doesn't
> exist anywhere and I can't find where to assign it or create it. Any
> ideas on this?

you need to use objectClass: posixGroup in your group template. in theory posixGroup and groupOfNames are structural object classes and cannot be combined, but in practice there's a variation of the RFC that allows to use posixGroup as auxiliar.


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