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On Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 01:44:00PM +0000, Glandvador wrote:
> Hi,
> Some shorewall (firewall) operations depend on several modules moved to
> kernel-modules-extra package. 
> Without the kernel-modules-extra package shorewall stops with errors like:
> RTNETLINK answers: No such file or directory
> leaving the system without network connectivity. Very fun for when upgrading a
> network only device :) In my case at least sch_ingress and sch_sfq. 
> The functionality concerns traffic shaping and I think there are a lot of
> traffic shape scripts depending of those modules out of there. At least google
> suggest it.
> So how to deal with that? From my POI, either make shorewall depending of the
> kernel-modules-extra or move back some of the sch_* modules to the main kernel
> package. Need to know in order to fill a bug report :)

IIUC, the point of kernel-modules-extra was to hold modules that are
not used by any Fedora applications, nor commonly needed by end users.
If Shorewall doesn't work without some of these modules, IMHO, the
modules in question should be moved back into the main kernel RPM.

We've already requested this several times for virtualization related
bits and the Fedora kernel maintainers were happy to oblige. So I
suggest that you simply file a BZ ticket against the kernel RPM asking
for the modules to be moved & giving your use case.

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