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On 07/28/2012 09:53 PM, Damian Ivanov wrote:
> First Thanks for the link and the answer.
> The guy ported it ten days later and it seems to work perfect now:
> Second the problem with koji is that I have no web interface. I am
> one of the maintainers of the experimental unity for Fedora and I do a few other
> packages at home:damianator on OBS. I do lot of the spec file editing,
> patching etc.
> using the web interface from windows, because I can't have Linux on
> this one (long story).
> Also for some people that want to manage their applications for
> multiple distributions is the *only*
> logical (administrative-able) option, correct me if you have something
> more encouraged by Fedora that has the same capabilities,
> I will be happy to use it.

I would love to have distributions share common infrastructure but
realistically Fedora isn't really going to switch the entire build
system away from Koji anytime soon.  Buildsystem is obviously extremely
crucial for a distribution and moving away from ones that Fedora has
developed for years and have expertise to rely on to something new and
potentially problematic isn't a easy sell.   Blog links aren't enough.
You will have to make it available in Fedora and EPEL to be even
considered as a alternative. It is probably just easier to file a few
feature requests (preferably with patches) for Koji.

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