Re: Important kernel update should not break stuff

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Josh Boyer wrote:
> The person that submits the update gets emails for every comment added
> to the update.  This particular one had a couple things that happened
> though.
> 1) It got the requisite karma for stable rather quickly
> 2) Justin was on vacation when the negative karma was submitted.  Bodhi
> only emails the update submitter and the rest of the kernel team didn't
> notice.
> I'm sure that it would have been pulled if Justin was actually around
> or if the rest of the kernel team had remembered to go check the
> update.  It's something that can be looked at in the future.

Why is karma automatism being enabled (by the submitters, it's optional!) on 
kernel updates in the first place? IMHO, kernels should always be pushed 
manually. (I actually consider karma automatism entirely broken, but the 
kernel is one of the worst packages to use it on!)

        Kevin Kofler

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