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On 05/31/2012 09:48 AM, Gregory Maxwell wrote:
 From Fedora 18 on, Fedora will no longer include the freedom to for a
user to create a fork or respin which is the technological equal of
the Project's output. Instead, this freedom will be available
exclusively from Microsoft for $99 under unspecified conditions.

I wish this were a joke.

You're wrong.  Users will have the ability to create their own signing
certificates with openssl and sign their own binaries. Using MS as a signer
only buys you the convenience of not making everybody who wants to install
your software enroll your key.  But they will be able to do that if that's
what you want.

Anybody with can still be the technological equal. All it requires is the
will to do so. Installing it on lots of systems is a slightly higher barrier,
but then it always was, just for different reasons.

Anyway, we've worked tirelessly on finding a better way, and there just
doesn't appear to be one. If you've got suggestions, like Matthew's blog
explicitly states, we're all ears.

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