Re: Install Fedora Button for LiveCD

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Dne 3.5.2012 22:22, Cosimo Cecchi napsal(a):
Hi all,

Yesterday night I noticed an IRC conversation on #fedora-desktop
about this, and suggested that an actual window would be a lot
better than a notification.
Kalev, Matthias and the people there agreed with me, so I went
ahead and wrote some code that does just that [1].
  Screenshots can be found here [2] [3].
I showed this today to Matthias and other people in the RH office,
and the reception was good; people agree it's a good improvement over the
proposed notification for F17.
The text in the window comes from the result of this thread's discussion.

What do you think?


Please note that there was some resistance against proposals like this ([1] just for example). I prefer the notification.


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