intended behavior of mediacheck on FAIL

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Chris Murphy <lists <at>> writes:

> I'm doing EFI booting, so I get the option to Verify and Boot from within GRUB
Legacy, but I'm having the same
> problem. The result is nasty. See this bug.
> And check out the attached photograph, which goes by so fast I have no chance
of seeing it. I only got
> suspicious when I thought, hmm, that verify was awfully fast. I had to remove
'rghb quiet' and also use a
> 1/50th shutter speed to capture the failure.

OK, so that confirms this happens on Lives as well as Installs, so needs to be
fixed on both. What component should I file against?

Also should mention that I already filed to expose mediacheck as a
boot menu option on Install images (it's already there on Lives) but this other
problem needs to be fixed to make it useful.

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