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>>>> As a new-comers, you will be able to find a list of projects which have
>>>> bugs/requests considered to be easy to work on (ie: you do not need a
>>>> deep understanding of the project to fix/implement it).
>>>> The projects are divers and the tickets broad : from fixing typo, add a
>>>> link in a template (dev) to add a node to nagios monitoring (sysadmin)
>>>> via making the page w3c valid (websites).
>>>> So everyone should be able to find for his taste.

>>> However if I am a newcomer, how can I find the "easyfix" link from
>>> fedora homepage? Or how can I find it at all?

>> This is a good question though and at the moment I do not have a very
>> clear answer for it.
>> I know when mentioned within the infrastructure that we could add a link
>> to it from the infrastructure wiki page
>> (, but for sure that's not
>> sufficient.

> These are some places which comes into my mind ...

I see fpo/easyfix more like a reference for contributor who wish to
join a team, they can start by easy fixes.
I am not sure that people not involved in infra will look for infra
easyfix for example.
If someone introduce himself on a mailing list, we should send him
this link ;-).

Kévin Raymond
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