Re: Fedora 18 Release name voting and Poll for whether to continue naming releases

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On 23/04/12 16:50, Tomas Radej wrote:

I think numbering/naming problem is only about the target audience.

That's just it, most Fedora non-geek users, use numbering.
You see it on the  mailing list(s) daily.
Rarely do you see a Fedora N by it's name.

I didn't know Jules Verne was superman's nemesis.

Zod was.

But he didn't come before the Beefy Miracle.
It was one in, one out for a while.

Me ducks for cover again.

Zod was mentioned one paragraph above.

Yes, but my point to the original Zod post,
was he didn't come before the sausage.

"Jack of all, fubars"
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