Re: Install Fedora Button for LiveCD

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"Germán A. Racca" (german.racca@xxxxxxxxx) said: 
> On 04/20/2012 12:08 PM, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> >Tom Callaway (tcallawa@xxxxxxxxxx) said:
> >>There seems to be at least some consensus that:
> >>
> >>* The notification, unless permanent, is not an ideal solution here
> >>because once it goes away, the user is in the same situation of
> >>confusion as to how to install the Live Image to disk.
> >
> >The notification that Matthias posted is permanent, until the user
> >explicitly goes through and clicks to remove it.
> >
> >I've updated it so that it pulls translations from anaconda for the tile
> >and the action item.
> >
> >Bill
> >
> $ python
> TypeError: install_cb() takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given)

Change "def install_cb(n, action):" to "def install_cb(n, action, data):"

Sorry about that,
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