Re: [Repost] What is "Error: Protected multilib versions"

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Adam Williamson wrote:
> AFAICS the real problem here is that an update got unpushed. It seems
> like Richard got the 64-bit version of libvirt -3 installed, then the -3
> update got unpushed, then something wanted to install the 32-bit version
> of libvirt. Obviously, since the update had been unpushed, it was
> impossible to find the matching 32-bit version.
> As long as updates can be unpushed, that one can pop up.

Oh, so this is yet another example of fallout from the braindead decision to 
enable updates-testing by default for Branched.

> The other classic case where we get a lot of this (and similar errors)
> is when we push the fedora-release update which disables
> updates-testing; people have the 64-bit version of something installed
> from updates-testing, then they need to have the 32-bit version
> installed, but now updates-testing is disabled...

And that's the other reason why that decision is broken.

updates-testing should NEVER be on by default. There is no expectation of 
upgrade path in updates-testing (whereas there is one even in Rawhide!), so 
enabling it by default is very broken.

        Kevin Kofler

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