Re: upcoming libdb/db4/compat-db reorganization

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On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 02:21:36PM +0200, Jindrich Novy wrote:
> Hi all,
> it seems to be the right time to do an unification/reorganization of
> Oracle (Berkeley) DB packages in rawhide. The current situation is that
> there are three of them:
> compat-db - shipping old libdbs for compatibility (4.5,4.6 and 4.7)
> db4       - shipping latest 4.x libdb series (4.8)
> libdb     - shipping latest libdb release (5.3)
> What I'm planning to do is getting rid of db4 package. But before that
> I want to clean-up compat-db for a bit.
> After fiddling a bit with repoquery nothing seems to be dependent on
> libdb-4.5 so if there are no objections I want to remove it.
> There was only one package dependent on 4.6 (squidGuard) because it
> had compilation problems with 4.7. This package is now built against
> 5.3 with no problem so 4.6 could go away from compat-db as well.
> Only one package (pam_abl-0:0.2.3-8.fc12) was dependent on 4.7
> in Fedora 17 but it's already rebuilt in rawhide so 4.7 can go away as
> well.
> So the plan is:
> 1) remove 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7 from compat-db
> 2) put 4.8 to compat-db
> 3) make db4 a dead package
>    (db4 package name is not very descriptive any more as we have
>     libdb-5.3 ...)
Note:  traditionally (ie: this isn't a guideline but it's been traditional
and we could look into making it a guideline), the compat-* name is used for
libraries that we're shipping that you cannot build against in Fedora.  So
we would not ship header files for it.  The idea of compat-* packages is
that programs compiled outside of the distro may need to use the older
version of the library so we keep the library around for a release or two.

For libraries that we're keeping around where we do want to build against
them, we name them with the version number.

So, instead of making db4 a dead package and keeping compat-db, it makes
more sense to make compat-db the dead package and keep the db4 name.  The
contents of the new db4 package would be very close to what's in the present
compat-db package; we're just trying to make the name switch over.

Another, related note: Since this package was named compat-db to begin with,
is part of its reason for existence that we want non-Fedora packages
compiled against older libdb to run?  If so, it's not sufficient to check
what things in Fedora need an older version of libdb before removing it from
the compat package.


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