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> One angle on this that didn't get pointed out, I guess because
> anaconda
> team apparently isn't reading, is that at least one person on the
> anaconda team - I forget who - hates liveinst with a passion and has
> been proposing forever to kill it and replace it with a choice on the
> live image boot menu between 'boot a live desktop' and 'install'
> (which
> would run anaconda in a locked-down environment, just like on the DVD
> /
> netinst). If that plan were to actually happen it would kinda
> supersede
> all the other suggestions, I think.

Sure, if that works out, it's very easy to delete the extension. As an interim solution I think it's fine.

> However in the meantime for F17, is the installer Easter egg hunt still on? It's way too obscure presently.

I did some minor tweaks, posted the code here:

and prepared a patch for fedora-live-desktop.ks.

I want to post the patch to anaconda-devel this week.
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