Re: SELinuxDenyPtrace: Write, compile, run, but don't debug applications?

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Paul Wouters wrote:
> I have been upstream for openswan for about 8 years, and I can tell you
> that the single reason for reporting bugs to upstream is if they really
> need to get openswan working and they can't. At most, they report
> straight into the RHBZ without ever bothering to contact upstream.

That's exactly why we need the crash reporter to report directly upstream.

(That said, when we ask users who file bugs manually to (re)file their bugs 
at, they usually do. But ABRT tends to be write-only, the users 
using that usually don't even reply to any requests for more information.)

> Again, as upstream, I'd rather not maintain my own separate "automatic
> bug receiving, triaging duplicates and processing" system.

KDE upstream does maintain it and we should use it.

        Kevin Kofler

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