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Hi all,

I have a dream ... that one day we will have a Fedora Audio spin. At the moment most Fedora audio users rely heavily on the Planet CCRMA repository for many of their audio packages. Fernando has has spent countless hours maintaining this repository (thanks!) but If any kind of Studio/audio spin is going to be realized we need to move the bulk of these packages into mainline Fedora.

There is no proposal as yet for this spin, as there is still so much work to be done. I would be very surprised if this could be completed by F18 - however there are also some really exciting developments in the Linux audio world, whose releases should really coincide with this effort here (Ardour3/Ingen/SuperCollider).

Below is a list of some of the packages that I've submitted for review and would be more than happy to swap - this is just a beginning there are many more to come. Maintainers/co-maintainers are more than welcome / actively encouraged.

Also listed are packages pertaining to the new LV2 stack - an exciting opensource audio framework that is proving to be a shining light in the future of Linux audio.

788718 clalsadrv - An ALSA driver C++ library (most of the following
depend on this one)
789255 ebumeter  - Loudness measurement according to
789251 jmeters   - Multichannel audio level meter
789249 jkmeter   - Horizontal or vertical bar-graph audio
                   levels meter
789240 freqtweak - Realtime audio frequency spectral
789059 jaaa      - JACK and ALSA Audio Analyzer
789055 japa      - JACK and ALSA Perceptual Analyser
789385 ambdec    - an ambiosonics decoder
789390 aeolus    - aeolus organ synthesizer
789391 aeolus-stops - aeolus presets

788717 lv2-ir    - An LV2 impulse response reverb plugin
784605 lv2-instance-access
		 - An LV2 audio plug-in extension (part of the spec)
783825 suil      - A lightweight C library for loading and wrapping
                   LV2 plugin UIs
789386 lilv      - An LV2 Resource Description Framework Library

My packages awaiting review can be found here [1]




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