Re: Space for wallpapers in Fedora 16

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On Wed, 2011-06-08 at 11:51 +0000, Jaroslav Reznik wrote:
> yep, we have a support for slideshow in Plasma. But it depends if it's just 
> slideshow or time based wp change as we saw before in Gnome. I was thinking 
> about implemnting it to Plasma but after aseigo's review of the old one Gnome 
> XML file I decided better not do it. Even aseigo is still waiting for 
> implementation :)

We were thinking it would just be a simple slideshow. No time-based
transition effects. 

> Just one thing - as Kevin pointed out - the extended slideshow wps should be in 
> separate subpackage and the default package should be the single one due to live 
> image space constraints. Especially for Plasma spin.

Okay, shipping four wallpapers by default was not a problem in earlier
Fedoras when we've done this before (at least on the desktop spin.) We
did ship the four wallpapers, which were the same wallpaper with
different colorations. Fedora 8 and Fedora 9 are some examples of this.
We didn't know it would be a problem if we gave advance notice; it seems
even with advance notice it's a problem, so I guess we have no choice -
one wallpaper it is then.

> Another important thing is - we need some simple designs. I really like Fedora 
> designs as these aren't usually the boring abstract something like in other 
> distros but today with Gnome Shell, the Plasma Netbook brother (I'm surprised 
> how similar these two are, very nice for touchable netbooks) - the desktop now 
> serves for activities (both Shell and Plasma ones). The Plasma Active is going 
> to be even more using the desktop... So this is something you, as Design team 
> should consider. But still I hope we can have amazing designs, not just colorful 
> spits :) 

This is a good point, but this is probably not the appropriate thread to
bring that up. Please start a new thread on the design-team list for
this or you can of course provide artists feedback directly on the
artboard - thanks!  :)


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