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> As discussed between QA and desktop teams on these lists, I've now
> dropped the Final release criterion which stated "There must be no
> ''Other'' menu or category" (referring to the system menus). I also
> adjusted the desktop menus test case -
> - to reflect
> this change. Vhumpa, if you could adjust your desktop validation test
> results accordingly that'd be great :)

I ran the test case again, and while not being outshined by the big 
other menu problem anymore, I noticed one more issue: Authconfig-gtk
gnome-shell menu is blurry:

Sorry for not seeing this yesterday evening already.

I realize this goes directly against this final release criteria:
"All Applications listed in the desktop menus must have icons which
have a consistent appearance and sufficiently high resolution to avoid
appearing blurry"

So technically this should be a blocker - but I tried to be reasonable
here as it hardly feels like blocking issue - so i marked it as a NTH.
As it actually is opposed to the criteria, if you think this is a blocker
we can change that.

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