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On 02/28/2011 03:24 PM, Jason D. Clinton wrote:
> Do you honestly believe that something like iOS and Android would have 
> the astronomical growth that they have if new customers just had to 
> "get over the mental block and the learning curve?" No, they're 
> awesome. And when we're awesome, we'll have astronomical growth too. 
> And that means no mental block and no (appreciable) learning curve.

FYI IOS and Android all come preinstalled on devices ready for the 
novices end user to use, so please dont confuse "usability" with 
"availability" and "Linux on Desktop" wont become commonly widely used 
until that novice end user can walk into a store and buy it.

> Today, computers suck.

I'm not following you here in which way the computer sucks?

Desktop in it's sense is slowly migrating into smartphones and into the 
"cloud" which will serve majority of regular computer usage on the 
planet and that's a computer you carry around with you at all time in 
your pocket and you simply "dock" to hook it up to a keyboard mouse and 
additional larger display and a continues power source...

That's happening right here right now and the battle is being fought 
between Apple IOS and Android and the traditional desktop in the sense 
as we know it, is dying....

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