Re: New F15 Wallpaper and Idea for Easier defaults switching

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Am Donnerstag, den 03.02.2011, 11:48 +0100 schrieb Martin Sourada:

> Now for XFCE which I'm using now. I noticed that if I put an image
> into /usr/share/xfce4/backdrops it will appear in the backgrounds
> applet, so I created new -xfce subpackage (with system-backgrounds-xfce
> virtual provides) to provide the wallpapers for xfce users. For easier
> defaults I propose to create default.png symlink in the same directory
> which you could then set as default. That way updating the wallpaper
> packages would also update the default wallpaper. I have no idea how
> defaults are handled in XFCE so this might not be the correct way to do
> it, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

ATM we are patching xfdesktop to include
usr/share/backgrounds/default.png, but I think your idea is even better
because the way we do it currently sets the wallpaper but does not add
it to the list.

> For LXDE I have not the slightest idea so any suggestions how to keep
> handling the defaults limited to [release-name]-backgrounds* packages
> is welcomed.

lxde-common and lxdm als use usr/share/backgrounds/default.png. Just
like slim and some others. This means we still need
usr/share/backgrounds/default.png and the desktop-backgrounds-compat

I am not sure if we need
[release-name]-backgrounds-[desktop-environment] packages. I suggest to
      * do all of that in desktop-backgrounds-compat, it's just a few
      * build the desktop specific subpackages as part of
        desktop-backgrounds rather than [release-name]-backgrounds. If
        somebody has the packages of 2 different releases installed, the
        subpackages will collide.

What do you think?


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