Re: F14: what to do about pino / twitter

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Jesse Keating (jkeating@xxxxxxxxxx) said: 
> > This is definitely scope creeping the discussion here, but I'm coming
> > round to the viewpoint that Fedora shoudn't ship any application in
> > the default install whose primary purpose is to connect to proprietary
> > web services, or at least not ones configured by default to do so.
> > (All apps are of course free to be in the repositories).
> > 
> > This would dovetail nicely with making it not suck to install applications.
> - From what I understand, pino also works with, and there is no
> issues with the current version in F14 for doing that.  Whether
> or twitter is the default I don't know.

According to the bug, support is broken too.

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