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I am on F11 and the the HDD is Samsung HD320KJ - nothing exotic.
I have bad sectors on my HDD and there is no option to repair them - the S.M.A.R.T. provides only information and an option of erasing the whole disk, and also a notification that my hard disk is sliding down. I disabled the notification, but the problem remains.

I found .iso image of HUTIL on the website of Samsing, burned it on a CD and it detects at the Read Surface Scan test one bad sector, allocated to C:10992 H:1 S:1379 Ecc error
I expect when I write in the linux terminal: badblocks -r /dev/sda:10992 H:1 S:1379
to repair the bad sector, allocating the data somewhere else - however nothing of the kind is anticipated.


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