Re: adding support for evince back into gnome-python2

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On Mon, 2010-08-30 at 08:45 +0100, pbrobinson@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 4:00 AM, Matthias Clasen <mclasen@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > On Sun, 2010-08-29 at 19:07 +0100, pbrobinson@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >> Hi All,
> >>
> >> It was mentioned a while ago with the delay of gnome 3 we could have
> >> evince support back for F-14. Is there anything that's delaying this?
> >
> > 2.31.90 works fine here. Does it not work for you ?
> Checking in koji the latest f14 build is 2.31.1 and that should have
> added support back but its a failed build. I asked because I'm still
> getting the broken deps email from sugar-read during the daily compose
> for f14 and rawhide.

$ koji latest-pkg dist-f14-updates-testing evince
Build                                     Tag                   Built by
----------------------------------------  --------------------
evince-2.31.90-1.fc14                     dist-f14-updates-testing

Unfortunately, the roundtrip time from building a fix to it appearing in
stable updates is quite a bit longer after branching than what we're
used to from rawhide.

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