Re: GTK+3 advisiblity for F14?

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On Fri, 2010-07-30 at 08:34 -0700, Adam Williamson wrote:
> Hi, folks. Just a question - since GNOME 3 is being delayed and won't
> ship in F14, does it make sense to have a few apps (but not many) ported
> to GTK+ 3 for F14? I can see it causing more trouble along the lines of
> the gnome-python2-desktop package. Would it be better to move them back
> to GTK+ 2 and postpone porting to GTK+ 3 until F15? What's the plan in
> general for backing off from 2.90.x versions of GNOME bits? Thanks!

I discussed this with Richard Hughes, and a number of other people at
GUADEC, and the current plan is to ship what's already ported, and to
make sure that what wasn't ported works as expected.

This will obviously need to be discussed with Matthias, who has a better
idea of how we want to spend our time for F14, and whether a GTK+ 3.x
pre-release dependency is a good idea.

The short version is:
- ship what we have already ported
- spend time polishing the control-center and other ported applications
- ship most of 2.32 for the rest of the desktop

This would be a restrictive schedule for us, but for most applications
we would have support from upstream (or are the upstream).


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