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a question on disk druid

Hi there ....
for the first time i've experienced an installation of Fedora on an old machine with anoter version of linux installed on it.

I wanted to change the partion schema but I've found the possibilities given by Diskdruid very poor in comparison to what Diskdrake from Mandriva gives.

I can understand that some stuff in the partion tool are way to important for the Red Hat developement cycle, but I've found - very often - myself wondering why some tools, which proves themselves valid, not "imported" in other distro.

sorry for my (bad) english and i hope you'll answer my curiosity (which does *not* want to be a provocation or what's the word ... a sparkling flame ?)

Thanks for all the work !

			   Nicola  -=KOOLINUS=-  Losito
                           web: http://www.koolinus.net
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