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Re: crazy ideas for yum/pup/that_damned_applet

seth vidal (skvidal@xxxxxxxxxxxx) said: 
> > Actually I'd rather this was written in C (using glib and the D-BUS glib
> > bindings) to be as lean as possible memory-wise.
> the applet doesn't have to do anything other than throb if there are
> dbus events.
> no extra knowledge at all.
> how heavy do you think that's going to get?

My original response was assuming David was talking about the update
checking manager.

As to the applet, yes, you very well may want that in C. The python
abstractions for the applet aren't really light - ISTR that a good
20MB of the applet's memory use was just in the core applet code
pygtk, outside of any RPM information.


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