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Re: Intel 915M graphic board

yum update
yum check update

Gain Paolo Mureddu wrote:

margeride wrote:

I bought a latitude 610, with intel 915M graphic board, not working with FC2 and FC3.
I visit the intel site, I tried to install intel driver and I got problem with modules AGP GART and DRM.
Anybody knows how to include in linux kernel

First off, please state how did you install the drivers and other valuable information... Though I don't have such a product, from what I can make out at Intel's website, you need to compile the DRM and AGPGART drivers in order to use the graphics driver (pretty much the same thing as you would have to do with ATi or nVidia graphics cards). So you first should compile and install the driver modules for the DRM and AGPGART, then install the binary driver for X (You should check if there is a driver specifically for any given version of X), edit accordingly the X configuration file (in this case xorg.conf), just I don't know what would the name of the driver be and what options are supported by this graphics driver. Restart X (if you're using the vesa driver) and that should be it... Again without furhter information this is all I can give you: general scope of what should be needed.

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