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Re: Raid question


did u create the filesyesten for raid auto type fd.

Yuhard Ngun wrote:

Does anybody encounter problem configuring software RAID 1 with FC2?

I have 2 identical HDDs, the 1st one where I install FC2 and the 2nd HDD is
unformatted. Here is the error messages I got:

# mkraid /dev/md0
handling MD device /dev/md0
analyzing super-block
disk 0: /dev/hda, 29316672kB, raid superblock at 29316608kB
disk 1: /dev/hdc, 29316672kB, raid superblock at 29316608kB
mkraid: aborted.
(In addition to the above messages, see the syslog and /proc/mdstat as well
for potential clues.)

Here is error from log file:

kernel: md: could not lock hda.
kernel: md: error, md_import_device() returned -16

# cat /proc/mdstat
Personalities :
md0 : inactive
unused devices: <none>

# cat /etc/raidtab
raiddev /dev/md0
       raid-level              1
       nr-raid-disks           2
       nr-spare-disks          0
       chunk-size              4
       persistent-superblock   1
       device                  /dev/hda
       raid-disk               0
       device                  /dev/hdc
       raid-disk               1

Any comments and help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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