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Re: the task scheduler project

On Tue, 2004-11-09 at 18:52 +0100, mirek binas wrote:

> during my work in here, the part of the study is making some software
> projects, so i wrote up some topics, they can start working on. i was
> looking for some projects over the internet and i was looking for some
> that are needed. so - i found fedora web page and found the projects,
> there is interest to be done. 

That's good, it's interesting to see open source development being used
within the teaching environment.

> so i wrote up project with the name as you
> specified and now - i have student, that is working on.  maybe - better
> way could be to look in your mailing list first for the messages about
> this projects if there are some, but - i did it finally today and i
> found something, that is started, but not finished (Py@Cron). but - we
> started to develop our own program - our own solution. so...


One thing to note is that the current source does not come with a
COPYING file - could you clarify the license that you've released this

> so - take a look at the attachement - there is current version of the
> program. maybe - not so eye-candy, but we are working on it. maybe a
> note - at this moment there is problem to accept the lines, they are
> real comments (begins with # and following with some text). so - i
> recommend you to use maybe empty crontab first to make some test. the
> program is running with te file: tasche.py 

I'll take a look and give feedback, hopefully others interested in the
same problem space will comment also.

> enjoy ;)

Thanks once more


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