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A true package manager.

Hi everyone,
for when is it scheduled to include a true package manager?
One that gives ther options to see all rpm's instaled, remove, install new nes, and so on...
In the early stages of fedora, one of the test releases, before the FC 1, came with a tool that does part of
what i said before, despite part of it's functions where disabled. But it never was included before. Is there a reason for that?
Because a grafical tool to do interface with yum woulld be great, so some basic task could be done, like adding rpm's, removing, seeing all the rpm's avaiable to install, and more.
And it could o a litle further, merge it with up2date and create only one tool, that deals all the functions regarding the
managing of the rpm's, the detection of updates, and so on...
Is there anything planned?
Thank you,
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