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Re: Apacheconf HIG glade

Vladimir Djokic wrote:
On ÐÐÑ, 2004-09-10 at 03:05 +0200, Vladimir Djokic wrote:

On ÐÐÑ, 2004-09-10 at 01:42 +0200, Vladimir Djokic wrote:

	good day,
	developers. i've changed apacheconf glade to mach hig 2.0 as much as
possible (there are still some issues :/ ). no need for code changes,
just replace the old one with this http://www.gnome-
ppp.org/fedora/apache-config.glade please test it and send feedbacks to
me so i can do more work.


	i'm still getting no response :/ has anybody tried the glade i
modified? some feedback would be great as i don't want to do things no
one will accept. pleasee, anybody responsible for the apacheconf: talk
to me :(

Hi there!

Sorry i didn't reply over the last few days, was sunk in other work again.

I've tried your new glade file and it really looks nice. I'm currently in the process of integrating it though some code changes need to be done for the edit default virtual host stuff, but thats not a big deal.

I hope to have a final version ready by this evening and will put it in FC3-devel as soon as it's ready.

Read ya, Phil

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