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Re: Apacheconf HIG

On ÑÑÐ, 2004-09-07 at 13:12 -0400, Paul Nasrat wrote:
> Bugzilla is possibly a better place for that as it doesn't get lost.  In this case discussion around the bug can be focussed here.  Create an RFE - link to the screenshots on a website somewhere and table the discussion.
> > what i'm all talking about :) if that turns out to be ok, i _WILL_
> > improve apacheconf UI, and all other fedora sys tools that use glade,
> > then i can move to those that don't (i'm also a programmer:)
> It'd be helpful for you to share on common issues, etc in addition to posting
> patches/new glade files.  To ensure future development is more HIG aware.  Your
> help/patches are welcome, hopefully we could document some of this up into a
> smaller Fedora s-c-foo HIG gotchas doc or something.
> Paul

	this is current apacheconf http://www.gnome-ppp.org/fedora/apache-

	this is what i would start doing http://www.gnome-

	first, change all glade ui's to hig compliance, and then we can seat
and talk to make some string more human.


"There's no room for ideals in this mechanical place. There has to be
passion. "

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