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Re: system-config-packages - everything group


I would just install FC2.  It will upgrade your existing packages you have in RH9
if they're on the FC2 disks.  Then decide what additional packages you want and
add or update those.  There are probably things that you don't want with an
"Everything" install like multiple web browsers and desktops.

This approach works for me.

-= Jim =-

Travis Abbott wrote:
I'm trying to upgrade a whole bunch of RH9 boxes to FC2. It seems anaconda won't install any new packages, it only updates existing packages it has newer versions of. I'm trying to get these RH9 boxes to be as close to an "everything" install of FC2 as possible. I also notice that there is no "everything" group in system-config-packages, it doesn't exist in comps.xml. I took a look at anaconda and it seems they generate it by adding all the packages that match the architecture in the hdlist to the group (filtering out a few). What I'm wondering is whether or not there is an easy way to use system-config-packages to update the system with "everything" on the installation media, or is there another tool I should look into?

Travis Abbott

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