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Re: Crontab configuration tool

> > If that ain't going to happen, you will probably have to use
> > sourceforge, yes. But if it's not going to happen I'd not make it a
> > Fedora but a GNOME tool if I where you. And if it's a good GNOME tool, I
> > am pretty sure the people at cvs.gnome.org would be happy to provide you
> > with tools like CVS. 
> > 
> Anyway, i'll be working more on the GUI and implement some of the
> features you suggested. I'll use your 'ready-for-pam' archive.

There is a CVS server in the works, but cutting through the corporate
CYA necessities is taking time. So the short answer (as far as I know)
is that there is currently no CVS repo but there should be soon. What
the requirements for having a project hosted there will be I have no

NOTE: I work for Red Hat, but have nothing to do with Fedora, so this is
just what I've gleaned from the lists myself. You can get more
background by perusing the fedora-devel-list archives.


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