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Re: iptables gui

> I haven't seen any official fedora-python coding conventions listed,
> so if any 
> of you have seen anything, let me know. 

The "official" Python style guide from Guido is short and sweet. ;)

> Once again, I'm not sure what
> the best 
> method to use here is, but when we take a parameter (such as an IP
> address) and 
> convert it into its numeric representation for internal storage
> rather than its 
> textual representation, we're introducing an extra step and
> increasing the 
> complexity of our application. Now, if we're going to do any numeric 
> comparisions using the address, we have to have it in numeric form,
> so that 
> step is necessary.

There was a really nice module named IP.py for working with IP's, but I
can't seem to find it :-/  Working with IP's is not as "transparent" in
Python as it is in C, so having a library is very helpful.

Have Fun,

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