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[Fedora-config-list] Bug Day 6: Doin' the Configure Tool Cha-Cha

 All you folks who had some interest in hacking on a
[redhat|system]-config-* tool take a look at the below. Find a bug, mark
it up, submit a patch, make people happy.

Do this a few times and you might find a lot of friends, suddenly ;)

There are a pile of RFE's in the buglists below for the r-c-* tools.
Find something you think can do, talk the maintainer about it, write the
code and submit patches. Again, you'll be making friends and influencing

I heard requests for things to be done about a week ago, now is your
chance, jump in, and fix some bugs.


-----Forwarded Message-----
From: Jef Spaleta <jspaleta@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: fedora-devel-list@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Bug Day 6: Doin' the Configure Tool Cha-Cha
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 00:25:46 -0500

Nov. 19, 2003 Bug Day Topic:
	Bug squashing for the redhat-config-* packages

That's right...tomorrow is another bug day!!!!! But this time its
official, bug days now get a passing mention at:

Little birdies have told me, that certain people are agitating for a
chance to get their hands dirty working with some of the config tools.
So why not start by first trying to get a handle on all the open bugs
that are sitting in bugzilla right now and close as many as possible.
And if your lucky...there might even be a bug that you can dig into and
submit a patch for. And, hopefully people will be standing by in
#fedora-bugs on the Freenode.net irc network to help you if you have any
questions on how to master bugzilla diving.

Here's a pre-built query showing all the open bugs for the
redhat-config-* tools:

A Note. Please try to use the formatted triage->reason syntax
when annotating bug reports ( http://www.fedora.us/wiki/TriageComment ).
Example if you find an old unresolved bug report that is clearly fixed
in the current release, please add the comment "triage->currentrelease"
If you are unsure which reason is most appropriate, stop into
#fedora-bug irc channel and ask for assistance.

A second note. Just as a reminder, it might be good to glance over the
wiki for the Fedora Triage effort:

In other news.....
Fedora.us is still in great need for community members to do QA.
There are 280+ packages waiting for QA ( http://www.fedora.us/QA ).
Please read http://www.fedora.us/wiki/PackageSubmissionQAPolicy
and get involved in the community QA process on the community submitted
packages. So please take a look over the list of packs in the QA list,
and see if there are packages there you want to see published..pick
one..and pitch in to the QA process for the package you love.   

In other, other news....
Paul Nasrat is working on hacking up some example code
to interface with the xmlrpc interface to bugzilla. I'll let him
fill you in on the details when he's ready to show off his mad skills.
But i mention it here because, I hope his experimental tools are
something that can become the basis for ease-of-use tools to work with
bugzilla to do triage and fedora.us(or extras/alternatives) package
submit/QA down the road.  Since tomorrow(err i mean today) is config
tool bughunt day...i thought it appropriately ironic to mention that I'm
hoping for a config tool just to help do bughunting.  

-jef"it just wouldn't be right...if a can of whoopass cola..tasted

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