Re: review/comment on t-shirt design of fudconkl

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> It was done by the local team, but I think design-team should take a
> look and comment on any tweaks that should be done on it, especially
> with regards to logo and other guidelines which we might have missed.

I doubt that the logo follows clear space guidelines. [1] Its just an
observation though I'm not a big fan of 'guidelines' :-P

Some suggestions from my side-
* The date may be dropped
* IMO T Shirt color would look good if its grey. I think we need a
change (we've had lots of black ones :) Even I missed the chance to
try out a grey shade for FUDCon Pune - damn me!)
* The KL skyline on the front may need some touching up. I'm not much
of a vectorization guy. Others may be helpful there.


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