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Welcome Sarah!

2012/1/24 Onyeibo Oku <twohotis@xxxxxxxxx>
Welcome Sarah :)

from :)

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Hello, Design Team,

My name's Sarah. I'm rather new to fedora but have used Linux for 14
years. I met Mo (hi Mo!) earlier this month at FudCon Blacksburg. She
taught me some awesome Inkscape tips and got me really interested in
the interaction/usability process.

Experience: I know my way around Inkscape and gimp and have created
everything from basic data graphs and buttons to T-shirt designs that
combine photographs and vector elements. I'm also good at taking
written requirements/heavy technical documentation, breaking the
content down into language that is accessible to beginners, and then
creating graphics, choosing imagery and writing new content that can
be used for tutorials, presentations, websites, etc. I also know
CSS(3), HTML(5), and a little _javascript_.

I'd love to learn more/help out with the interface/interaction process
as well as continue to expand my graphics skills.  I've checked out
the open tickets and see some that nobody owns, but I'd also be
completely open to someone grabbing me to help them on their task.

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design-team mailing list

Maria Gracia Leandro
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