[Design-team] [REMINDER] Fedora 17 Wallpaper -- colouring phase ends in two days!

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Hello to all fellow Fedora artists,

this is just a kindly reminder that in two days (Tue 17th January) is
the deadline for the colouring phase of the wallpaper creation, so if
you are working on something, please submit it ASAP. After the deadline
we'll have 14 days for Alpha polish and one another week for packaging.

Looking at our wiki and artboard it looks that so far there are two
candidates that are in a more polished state:
 1. Fireworks [1];
 2. Boy Scout [2];

and two unpolished, yet couloured ones:
 3. Beefy Discover [3];
 4. Beefy Satisfaction [4].



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