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Dear Team,

We all must be aware by now, of the release of Ask Fedora [1]. Its
picking up pace and we need good design/artwork otherwise it can lead
to negative publicity. Akbot seems to be working fine in terms of
functionality and we just need good skinning/logo for the time being.
I made some changes to the css (colour changes etc sometime back)
which is just a temporary job. We even have a skin code repo from some
Ubuntu guys who tried to do something similar for Askbot (Rahul has
the links I think) It can be used as a reference. There are some other
examples of good skins for Askbot which maybe he can share on this
thread too so we can got going. I can start working on some
mascot/logo - some remixed job from OCAL I think ;) There's a ticket
already open [2] and some discussion already went through. Please help
in adding beauty to this effort. Thanks :)


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