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Ben Williams proposed the idea that members of the design team attending
FUDcon Blacksburg could hold a 1-2 day workshop for Virginia Tech (the
host of this FUDcon) students, faculty, and staff to introduce them to
free & open source design tools & techniques. Here are some ideas of
things we could do (please feel free to respond with your own):

- An overview of all of the tools that are available with demos of each
and a questions & answers period for each (Gimp, Inkscape, Blender,
Scribus, MyPaint, Alchemy, SwatchBooker, Xournal, Darktable, Shotwell,
LibreOffice, etc. etc. etc.)

- A few project-based deep dives into specific tools:
  - Creating charts & diagrams with Inkscape
  - Creating comic books with Inkscape
  - Correcting red eye in photos with the Gimp
  - Creating a celebrity portraits in Gimp
  - Creating a flyer in Scribus
  - Your idea here

- A project-based workshop that crosses tools, e.g.:
  - Creating a newsletter using Gimp for photo manip, Inkscape for the
logo, and Scribus for the layout
  - Creating a 3D character using Blender for modeling and bringing it
into Gimp or Inkscape for painting
  - Your idea here

I have taught courses / have content for *some* of the above ideas
(charts & diagrams, comic books, celebrity portraits) so those would be
quicker to prep for I think.

If you are planning / hoping to attend FUDcon and would be interested in
helping out with such a course (which is a great outreach opportunity to
help more folks make use of our tools) would you mind replying to let me

I'd like to put together a proposal for Ben by Monday (24 Oct). He needs
to know what we can do no later than Nov 1 I think because he has to
book a room(s) and get the word out before the end of the semester


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