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On Thu, 2011-09-15 at 07:13 -0430, María Leandro wrote:
>  if there are special things to be reminded or set up, a wikipage call
> -agenda- can be set where this doubts, ideas or anything can be
> placed, and then someone at the end of the day (I can do it) send that
> -agenga- to the mail, to be discussed as the "weekly discussions"
> instead a weekly meeting.

How would one propose an agenda item? It seems it might be more overhead
than its worth to do every week. Maybe bi-weekly is better.

> That will not only give free of time for our team, but also will help
> us to expand our meetings, include those who not even can login into
> IRC (I was one of those) and why not, give us a bit of time to think
> our answers, find more resources and google more ideas :)

Makes sense, I'll think about this.


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