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On Wed, 2011-09-14 at 16:58 -0430, María Leandro wrote:
> I only remove 2 feathers from the bottom side, nothing else was
> changed and that's why I send the mockup everywhere, to get feedback.


> if you see my mail, I say that this logo was made by the team, i only
> change what was asked and ask for feedback. is the same logo with a
> microscopic change; if was a bad thing to make this changes, forgive
> me.

We work as a team and that is important, but we also do need to identify
someone who is accountable for seeing this design through the
completion. Is that you, is that gnokii, or do we need someone to step
up and take ownership of this project to figure out the next step?

It might have been better to ask for a status update on the logo design
since the process was already happening here on the list but taking the
initative to move this forward as you have is appreciated.

I do not see a ticket for the Blacksburg logo in our trac queue besides
the original SVG request Ian filled
(, forgive me if I am
missing it. 

> FUDcon meetings are held on wednesdays, everyone is invited.
Understood, and I very much appreciate your taking the time to send this
out via mailing list to those of us who cannot attend every Fedora
meeting, especially during the two weeks before our beta release which
is a very hectic time for last-minute changes.


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