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On Thu, 28 Jul 2011 08:36:02 -0400 
Mairin Duffy Strode wrote:

> Hey, we've got a meeting today at 1800 utc (2 pm us eastern) in
> #fedora-design.
> ~m

Two things:
a) I'm sorry I didn't push the strings, but we're past branching and
   alpha freeze is next Tuesday, which means we need to push the
   packages in super fast if we want the wallpaper in Alpha. Which
   means I need the final images for Alpha decided on on this meeting,
   need someone to volunteer (or find a volunteer) to review the
   wallpaper package after the meeting ASAP (I'm going to prepare the
   package so that I have it ready with only images missing) and after
   we manage get it fedora git, we'll need a bunch of people for karma
   gathering to get it in before the freeze.
b) Is the git with wallpapers still in same place as our sparkle share
   or have you requested created the other one for wallpapers only?


PS: I'll try to be present today so that I can have everything

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