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Hola Ninjas, Jedis, Spoks and Aliens!!!

Next Fedora will be named “Verne” (in honor to Jules Verne ) and from the first time the name came out, design team has begun working on some amazing pictures that will leave more than one speachless. However, it's time to buckle down and start working with the magnifying glass on the calendar.

Let me explain the stages of this development so, if you want to help, be aware of all that we have pending for the next release. [1]

=== Sketches Design: Deadline 17 June ===
Send as many sketches as you want! all these will be colorized by the design team. Remember that in order to work calmly this must be submitted before this date.

=== Colorization Stage: Deadline 05 July ===
To give color and life to the sketches, will have 3 weeks after completion of the of sketches stage. After this date, we will only work on files that has been already colorized and only require a final polish.

=== Polishing stage: Deadline 26 July ===
Once we have the final concept and after being colorized, we will begin give the final polish until we complete our Alpha Wallpaper!

=== How can I get more information? ===
* General information about F16 art development can be found at
* Check our artboard ( ) and see the progress of sketches and colorization at:
* Follow in detail the dates that design team has to meet and be sure to send your proposals in time:
* I don't know's Verne! How can I get inspired?: See all the books that Jules wrote here at


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