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Hi everyone,

The Fedora design team had a meeting today for Fedora 16 planning and
we'd like to try for a four-wallpaper pack for Fedora 16. (We can
provide a slideshow XML file for GNOME, if KDE / XFCE / LXDE support
something like slideshows let us know and we can try to provide it).

We wanted to provide a heads up so that you could account for the space
early on in the cycle if you wanted all of the wallpapers for your spin;
in the past when we've done a slideshow set it has caused last-minute
space issues: we'd very much like to avoid that. 

Based on previous wallpapers and the high resolution we are targeting,
6-8 MB is probably a good guesstimate of the maximum amount of space we
might need. In the end, we may need to pull back and focus on really
polishing only one of the wallpapers; as the release progresses we can
keep you updated on what to expect.

If you're interested in following the artwork progress, we have an
artboard here:

Is this okay?


(As a favor to me, I'd appreciate it very much if you could keep me on
the CC of replies :) )

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