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Fedora Elections: General information, and questionnaire opening.


It is once again time for election season to begin. As noted in the elections schedule[1], the elections questionnaire is now open to populate with questions for candidates, and will close on May 8th. The elections nomination period will begin AFTER the questionnaire period has closed.

You may add your burning questions for candidates to answer here:

The following seats are available in this election:

* Fedora Project Board: 3 seats
* FESCo (Fedora Engineering Steering Committee):  5 seats
* FAmSCo (Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee): 7 seats

Please take note of the following changes for this election:

* All questions for the questionnaire must be submitted by May 8th, prior to the beginning of nominations. As seen in the schedule above, the nomination period does not start until May 9th. * As noted on announce-list[2], FAmSCo is electing all 7 seats this cycle, with the goal of having staggered elections similar to the Board and FESCo. Additionally, voting eligibility has been widened to allow anyone who has signed the FPCA AND is a member of at least one additional non-FPCA/CLA group. (In other words: No longer just ambassadors, but those part of other teams as well.)

Full election information may be seen here:

Participating in these bodies are one of many ways to contribute to Fedora; I encourage you to consider running, or to urge those you believe are excellent candidates to run. Additionally, your contributions are welcomed in helping to keep the elections running smoothly; volunteers are needed to help collect questionnaire answers from candidates, as well as for scheduling and moderating town halls. If you are interested in helping with those efforts, please contact John Rose[3].

And a big thank you! to John for coordinating the elections thus far, your efforts are very much appreciated.



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