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Appointment to the Fedora Board

The Fedora Board consists of five elected seats and four appointed
seats.  As part of the normal Board succession process[1], one Board
appointment is made before elections and the other is made after the
election cycle.  I'm announcing this second appointment for the
post-F14 cycle at this time.

I'm happy to announce that David Nalley has agreed to serve on the
Fedora Board.  I've known David for a number of years, and have do
doubt that he will do a fantastic job.  He's proven himself as an
outstanding Fedora
Ambassador and mentor, and shown his ability to be effective and
tactful in his communications.  He has also shown tremendous
dedication and loyalty to the Fedora community.

David will will fill seat A2 (see the Board History[2] for a list of
the seats), which has been held by Christopher Aillon.  I'd also like
to take this opportunity to publicly thank Christoper for the work
he's done on behalf of the Fedora Board.

Please join with me in thanking Christopher Aillon for his hard work,
and in welcoming David Nalley to the Fedora Board.

Jared Smith
Fedora Project Leader
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